Gun Blogger Rendezvous

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Gun Blogger Rendezvous 2016

Reno, NV (September 08 – 11, 2016)

(Description below is from the Lucky Gunner registration page.)


Once a year Gun Bloggers, Gun Blog Readers, gun writers, shooters, gun association folks, and industry representatives from around the country gather in Reno at the Silver Legacy Hotel & Casino to visit, socialize, compare notes, discuss everything firearms related, and get in three range days covering everything from long range rifle, steel shooting, defense, and more. At the Gun Blogger Rendezvous there is something going on from breakfast to well into the night! 2016 marks the Gun Blogger Rendezvous’ 11th Anniversary.

This year, Lucky Gunner will continue its role in helping coordinate the Rendezvous and is offering a $150 voucher to new media members who register to attend. This credit will be issued like a gift card and if redeemed by August 1, the rounds will be delivered to Reno for media members to shoot or take home with them from the event.

A Worthy Cause

The Rendezvous also raises money for Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) through a raffle of firearms and shooting sports items donated by our sponsors.

Last year, gun bloggers raised approximately $3,000 and this year, we hope to do even better. Every penny we can make from the Rendezvous goes to HAVA. Even the event organizer pays to register for the Rendezvous!

Attendee Door Prizes and Raffles

If you’ve been to the Rendezvous before, you know there are tons of door prizes and promotional items that go home with our attendees. The door prizes usually include a wide range of promotionally branded items such as hats, shirts, pens, mouse pads, and anything else that will help to promote the sponsor’s name. The door prizes also include less expensive items and products such as books, cleaning kits, product samples and so forth. Of course, sponsors have also been very generous in the past with some higher end items as well that we make a part of a raffle. These items, which have included firearms in the past are raffled off with the proceeds going to HAVA.

Hotel and Accommodations

Many of our non-range activities will take place at The Silver Legacy Resort & Casino. To make your hotel reservations, call The Silver Legacy at 1-800-687-7733. Once you register, we’ll send you an email with the group rate code and more details. This offer is only available by phone, not from their website.

What to Expect

Expect a lot of fun and a lot of time to shoot in the name of gun blogger fellowship and HAVA! This year’s Gun Blogger Rendezvous will feature several of the events that have made the weekend a can’t miss event in Reno. From a day of steel target shooting to cowboy action shooting demonstrations. If you have heard of it in the world of shooting sports, we want to make it part of the weekend!

Tentative Itinerary for the Weekend

Please note: this schedule subject to change as new shooting opportunities present themselves!

Thursday, September 8: The unofficial start as the rendezvous kicks off with a welcome dinner at The Silver Legacy Hotel & Casino. Early arrivals will allow time get a lay of the land in Reno, and check out some of the local gun culture.

Friday, September 9: Breakfast followed by a day of long range rifle and pistol shooting at the Washoe County Shooting Facility. After the range we’ll have a welcome banquet of sorts with a special event in the works.

Saturday, September 10 Breakfast followed by an organized and friendly shooting competition (to be announced). Saturday evening, we’ll convene for a show and tell at the Silver Legacy followed by door prizes and the HAVA raffle.

Sunday, September 11: Breakfast at the Silver Legacy with additional activities until the early afternoon.


Registration for new media members is $35 to offset the cost of meals and refreshments for the weekend. For every new registrant that’s signed up to attend by June 1, Lucky Gunner will donate an additional $10 to HAVA. Please keep in mind, several of our host ranges do you have a range fee that is usually $10-$15.

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Reno Guns & Range Grand Opening

Web-ad-8x8-28Sep2015Grand Opening: Wednesday the 30th of September, 2015 from 11:30 AM until 1:00 PM.

Facility Includes:
* Twenty 25-yard live fire lanes
* Firearms & Accessories Sales
* Over 100 Rental Firearms
* Access to machine Gun Shoots
* Gunsmithing
* 4,500 Sq Ft Retail Area
* 1,600 Sq Ft Special Events room with private access to 4 lanes for parties, groups, team building & more
* Range Memberships
* Beginner to Advanced Training
* CCW – Concealed Carry Weapons Certification
* Leagues & Tournaments

9:00 A – 7:00 P Mon – Thur
9:00 A – 8:00 P Friday – Sat
9:00 A – 5:00 P Sunday
Reno Guns & Range is online at


Northern Nevada Gun Clubs

Palomino-Valley-Gun-Club-Logo-404x600-202x300The Reno Gun Blog added a new section called “Gun Clubs.” This resource will list the gun clubs that we find in Northern Nevada. The first club to highlight is the Palomino Valley Gun Club. You can learn more about this club at their website. We will add Northern Nevada gun clubs as we develop our “Gun Club” section. Feel free to email us through our “Contact” page about other gun clubs that we should be aware of. There is no cost to have your gun club listed on our blog.



Mr. Completely – Mike Gallion

Mr. Completely (Mike Gallion) is showing his fast gun target shooting skills. The video is from the first “Paper Plate Challenge” contest held in the United States. It was part of the 10th annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous held in Reno, NV. We were the first group to use the new indoor range (Reno Guns & Range) in Reno.

mike_gallion_champ-150x150Mike Gallion is an International shooting champion. He has won many contest over the past 15 years. Recently, Mike earned top marks at the World Speed Shooting European Championship in the Netherlands. His top speed is shooting 5 targets in 1.46 seconds. You can follow Mike at his blog: Mr. Completely

Don’t miss next years Gun Blogger Rendezvous (GBR) 2016.

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Paper Plate Challenge – Gun Blogger Rendezvous 2015

The video below is from the paper plate challenge held at the Reno Guns & Range facility in Reno, NV. It was part of the 2015 Gun Blogger Rendezvous event. I enjoyed the experienced very much. I clocked in at 2.65 seconds. My goal is to be under 2 seconds with greater accuracy. The good news is I have another year to prepare for the 2016 Gun Blogger Rendezvous (GBR) paper plate challenge.